Who We Are. What We Believe. How We Act.

Bedrock Principles

QuieTrack s business philosophy may be viewed by some as old school or even obsolete. Yes, our intention is continual expansion of our business, but never by sacrificing our clients or our own principles, in the pursuit of profits.

While many of our competitors entice new business with clever schemes disguising questionable and risky inducements, we ve long recognized these dubious strategies are an ominous and serious compromise to our common duty of serving the public s financial needs and trust. Instead, our growth is actualized by following an ethical and prudent path that parallels and advances our clients integrity and success. Upholding this singular standard assures our mutual success.

For over 43 years, we ve known that compassionate customer service, user-friendly, time-saving technologies and dependable insurance products cultivates client satisfaction which in turn yields long-term relationships that generate referrals for new business.

We constantly judge our day-to-day actions to ensure we perform in a manner consistent with these bedrock principles and primary ethics.

Knowing Right From Wrong

We all have a conscience telling us right from wrong. At QuieTrack, we listen carefully to that little voice. QuieTrack may be a corporation, but we're still just people and once in a while, people make a mistake. When this happens, we back up and do the right thing by taking action with urgency, truthfulness and accountability. Our errors are corrected so that we gain knowledge, client restoration and loyalty

If You re Not Part of the Solution, You re Part of the Problem

It s more than a 60 revolution slogan; it s a central component to evolution of any kind. At QuieTrack, it's not acceptable to just do your own job well. Client fulfillment is clearly established in everyone s job description. When we encounter a problem, we meet it head on and find a solution. This is an open-minded organization that encourages the exchange of fresh ideas that overtake stale paradigms. Creative solutions can originate from anywhere, at any time and we encourage our people to think imaginatively, speak up and be part of the answer.

Move it! Move it! Move it!

There are people and businesses that spend lots of time talking about it and then there are the ones that get er done. We re not a big giant name brand national company. Instead, we re quick and nimble. Our goal is results, not just effort. We re decisive and know the winners are those who perform promptly and deliver the goods.

We Can t Do It Alone

Each person at QuieTrack contributes respectively to our collective success. Each and every member performs a necessary and significant role and without all of our oars in the water in harmony, we lose momentum and direction. Our staff knows they are influential, valued and respected. We bestow public praise and pass private constructive criticism with an equal degree of regard. This establishes a healthy environment that fosters an honourable and loyal team, resulting in a cooperative enterprise. And as we know, Aristotle was undeniable when he reasoned: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Evolution Personal and Professional

Change has been a core corporate value since our founding in 1971. We believe the next great thing is just around the corner. So let s take a walk. We embrace positive, forward development and we encourage our associates to grow and actualize their own goals as well as ours.

Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative

We foster a corporate culture of quiet confidence and rational optimism. Our handpicked staff is composed of bright, honourable, enthusiastic people who see the glass half-full. Our mutual daily mission is to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative for our clients and their borrowers.

Delivering On Our Promises

We don t succumb to temporarily and insincerely meeting the demands of our prospects and clients by over promising and under delivering. We aim to realistically estimate our capabilities and then exceed expectations by serving our clients with positive and unanticipated gains. While we exert and reach beyond our grasp, we'll only bring to market what we can and have done well. We know our success is born from intelligent thought, critical assessment, daily perseverance and dependable execution.