Data Security and SOC Audits

As you know all too well, data security is not just a best business practice, it’s the law. For almost 50 years, QuieTrack has been committed to securing your financial institution’s data. Even way back then, we refused use your data for anything other than our core purpose, nor did we ever share or sell our client’s data to insurance companies and others who coveted this information for their own gains. Our ongoing investment and commitment to your data security, is evidenced by our successful SOC 1 Type II and SOC 2 Type II Audits. To learn more about our audits and internal practices, please click on the AICPA SOC logo.

What’s New

  • Check out our new Active Branch Report.
  • Our new EDI report filters make searching, viewing, saving & printing hazard and flood EDI policies even easier.
  • Plus, you can now search, view, save & print your EDI Vehicle policies.
  • Don’t forget! With a few clicks you can easily transmit loan extract data files through
  • And as login administrator, you can now view the locations where your staff is accessing
            as well as control the login requirements for each location.

If you have any questions on these new or existing features, please contact us.

Why QuieTrack

QuieTrack is the proven choice for lender-placed insurance and insurance tracking solutions. Just ask any of our numerous clients that have been with us for over 4 decades! Our almost 50 years of litigation free experience, unparalleled & secure technologies, superior old school service and the broadest coverage in the market, means there’s no better partner for your financial institution. It really comes down to QuieTrack’s focused expertise. We don’t try to be all things, to all people. We do one thing and we do it right. Our nearly half century of successful insurance tracking experience, performed by our professional and courteous team, fused with QuieTrack’s proprietary software, drastically cuts the false placement of LPI on your loans. You benefit from a remarkable increase in borrower satisfaction, and a substantial time savings for your staff. Call us, you’ll be glad you did.

Our Mission

QuieTrack’s mission is to allow our clients to focus on providing financial services to your lenders by doing what we do best in providing insurance tracking service and taking this risk away from our clients. QuieTrack’s 43 years of experience along with our professional and courteous team fused with proprietary QuieTrack software combines to drastically cut the false placement of CPI coverage on your loans. You benefit from a remarkable increase in borrower satisfaction, coupled with substantial time savings for your staff.

QuieTrack has prided itself on having the most user friendly system in the industry. Our recent upgrade to the cloud combined with using AWS latest services, reinforces our commitment to take advantage of proven emerging technology and process reengineering to improve the speed, accuracy, dependability, efficiency, and delivery of the services we perform.Read More..

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